The Titanic before he sank

The R.M.S Titanic commonly called the Titanic was the biggest ship ever made. He's 269 meter long and he's as tall as a building of 90 floors if we see it horizontaly. He's 29 meter large and 53 metter tall with the chimney. He weighted 46 328 tonns and he was going at the speed of 23 knots. He was having 16 watertight compartment and everybody thought that he was unsinkable but the compartment was only going to the deck E. Without the chimney which means from the bottom to the upper deck, the Titanic was 33 meter high. He cost 7 500 000 US dollars which would be a lot more today. He was built in Belfast Ireland by the Harland & Wolf for White Star Line. He was able to carry 3200 passengers. Instead of most of the ships at this time, the Titanic was having 4 chimney. He left Southampton England the 10 Avril 1912, he stopped at Cheerbourg France and Queenstown Ireland to take other passengers.
He was mainly made of steel and he was propelled with a steam engine that was burning coal. A first class ticket cost 3100 dollars and one in third class cost 32 dollars ( remember that everything was less expensive in the beginning of the century ). A lot of innovations of the 10's was in this ship and everything was new which made it the ship of dreams. Threre were 900 crew member on board. There were fantastic gymnasiums, great living rooms and a new kind of stationery bicycle. The Titanic was on road to New York and Captain Edward J. Smith was in command of this ship.