James Cameron et ses réalisations

The realisator are often in the shadow of the actor that are sparkling in the box office.  But here we'll talk about James Cameron. He begin in 1981 with the movie Piranha 2. But he became famous because of Terminator, made in 1984. After that he produced Alien2 1986, Abyss 1989, Terminator 2 1991, Trues Lies 1994 and Titanic 1997.
   James Cameron was born the 16th of August 1954 at Kapuskasing, in Ontario. His father was an electrican and his mother an artist. He moved in Brea California in 1971 he studied physic at the university of Fullerton while he was working as a machinist and a truck driver. He wanted to make a movie so he asked for funds ( to a consortium of dentist ). He was in the direction of all the movie except for somethings that he wasn't able to do himself. In 1980, his good work gave him a job in Battle Beyond the Stars of Roger Corman and after that he was hiring in second realisator for the movie Galaxy of Terror, from Corman too. He was having a lot of funds at this time. Corman asked Cameron to make some of the discussion of the principal actor. Here is where he began his career. At his creation, Abyss was the most expensive movie ever made with 42 millions US and Terminator 2 was a very expensive movie too. Fortunately, he's one of the co-founder of Digital Domain, a company of special effects. The one that take in charge these of the Titanic. He set a new record by creating the movie Titanic, the most expensive ever created from now on. Sometimes, he spent so much that he might give up his box office takings. But he still a very good realisator and I want to congratulate him for the best movie I ever saw : Titanic.